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NEXT TO THE SKIN - Un regard porté sur l'intime / A look at the intimate

The intimate is a mysterious subject. It arouses curiosity without ever being fully drilled.

There are as many intimacies as there are individuals.

The intimate keeps forever a hidden and

secret side.

The idea of the exhibition is to unravel the preconceived ideas, to penetrate interior landscapes and to question the social aspect of the intimate.

happy to be a part of these great group :

Bande de • Maria Bang Espersen • Julien Dutertre • Nils Hint •

Caroline Hofman • Katja Koditz • Zizi Lazer • Réka Lorincz •

Ophélie Mac • Thibault Madeline • Olga Mathey • Romina Remmo • Nelly Van Oost

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