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Archivio Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck

curated by Irene Belfi

from 10th May to 20th June 2020

(by appointment)


Monday 10th May from 2pm to 9 pm

Via Marco Antonio Bragadino, 2 - Milan

Archivio Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck

Via Marco Antonio Bragadino, 2 - Milano

I will show my new works in an Italian institution on the occasion of the PROJECT ROOM #4 curated by Irene Belfi. “Like a transformation of my perception of the world, each piece is an integral part of my reality”, the artist says. This poetic vision is integrated in Giorgadse’s artistry through a combination of precious stones and ordinary materials. Tatjana Giorgadse spent months studying Van den Broeck’s paintings and jewellery sketches from the first decade of the new millennium and, under their influence, created objects that can be described as wearable artworks. Attracted by the material nature of pictorial works, Giorgadse decided to collect materials and artefacts and assemble them in the archive to create an intimate and spontaneous dialogue with Pharailids Van den Broeck’s own world of creative artistry. By bringing together these two disciplines, jewellery is presented as a work of art and not just as a decorative object. Contemporary jewellery leaves behind the traditional canons of beauty and becomes a medium of expression in which concept, feelings and material experimentation become central. This kind of artwork relates symbiotically to the body, emphasising the profoundly symbolic nature of the relationship between people and ornamentation. Thanks to the curatorship of Irene Belfi, a gallery owner and scholar of the History of Contemporary Jewellery, Project Room #4 investigates the relationship between two seemingly quite different languages like painting and artistic jewellery: focusing on the connection between these two disciplines and what they mean within the realm of contemporary visual culture. A video made by the artist, who for the first time approaches this expressive medium, is also on display. Meanwhile performers wear some of the objects Giorgadse made, recreating in the archive the symbiotic link with the works of Pharaildis Van den Broeck that oriented these creations. Tatjana Giorgadse's jewels and Pharalidis Van den Broeck's paintings are crossed by a common talismanic nature and spread in the space a magical power - apotropaic and propitiatory - which is activated when in contact with the visitor's body.


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