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The objective structure of the universe is orderly and beautiful. No one can deny it. But  structure and plan include restrictions and forced my order.
My order is not imposed from outside. 
It arises spontaneously and at the moment, as it is timeless.  

(Nisargadatta Maharaj)


Each of my works is part of my inner world, my views, my feelings.

Some come from the imagination, but the imagination is indeed a part of this world.

Each piece, as a transformation of my perception of the world, is an essential part of my realities.

I like material excesses in a positive sense, and I love to work freely. Not caring about the value of the material, and using all these materials equally side by side.

My works, even if they are small should have an inner greatness and have something sculptural.

The technique is not important, the pieces should be created through a uniform magical process recalling certain alchemical experiments.


Fragility of the construction, brutality, traces, remnants and instability.

What connection the material creates in my mind to my hands is perhaps far from clear to me.

The work with stone, a nature-related aspect, because for me nature is a part of intimacy, it intensifies my feelings.

The body in a non-artificial environment. Also, artificial materials remind me with materiality and colour of certain states of feelings.


The process, leaves the possibility of doubt and change open.

The intellectual space, the thinking space, closes and opens the circle in interaction with the wearer,viewer, when another intimate body is created a new body.


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