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Minimum, Maximum im improvisiertem Blödsinn, herrlich säuselnd und tänzelnd. 
In der Bewegung. Gegensätze  und


Vervielfachte Fragen.  Woher kommt deine Frage? 

Sind wir eine Schüssel Salat ? 

Trotzdem unseren Standpunkt behaltend ? 

Verückte Mutation. O...


The intimate is a mysterious subject. It arouses curiosity without ever being fully drilled.

There are as many intimacies as there are individuals.

The intimate keeps forever a hidden and

secret side.

The idea of the exhibition is to unravel the preconceived ideas, to pene...


It is  great to be part of the first exhibition organized by Galerie Door in Mariaheide, Netherlands. 

Join us for the opening on Friday, 10th from 5 to 9 pm,

Show runs until December 3rd, 2017



together with me this other great artists are exhibiting  Benedikt Fischer, Kiko Gianocca, Akiko Kurihara, Sunyoung Kim, Christopher Thompson Royds, Julia Walter

some articels in the web.:

ART jewelery forum:  https://artjewelryforum.org/on-offer-16

VOGUE: https...


Me and some of my colleges will create  for Steinbeisser‘s Experimentelle Gastronomie a series of dishes matching one course. The dishes will be made entirely from natural materials Under the culinary guidance of chef Kimberley Unser, an extensive five course dinner wi...


  • "THE SPELL OF THE REBELS for #2 Current Obsession Paper
    Alone, each jewel has its own character and contains its own powers. We use it as an ingredient mastered by a different artist. We give it its own sacred altar of protection. Together, the ingredient...

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